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Mesa Microgreens (Naturally Grown)
Contact: Kaylin Harju
City: Silt, CO, 81652
Phone: 763-528-5625
About Us
Mesa Microgreens is a small microgreens farm located in Silt, CO. Their microgreens are grown using organic practices. Just seeds, soil, and water. They grow indoors which allows for year-round fresh production.

Their microgreens are delivered within 24 hours after harvesting to ensure the freshest quality product.

Microgreens are harvested at the plant growth stage between a sprout and a baby green. They have the flavor of a baby green, but are more delicate like a sprout. Eating microgreens is similar to eating the stem and leaves of a plant, while sprouts = seed and stem, and baby greens = just leaves. Microgreens contain up to 12x more the amount of vitamins and minerals than their respective mature plants. Just imagine how much regular broccoli you would have to eat to get the same nutrients as a handful of broccoli microgreens!