At its best, food production contributes to personal and environmental health. At its worst, it can be toxic to our bodies and our lands. Before chemical pesticides, herbicides, defoliants, and petroleum-based fertilizers were introduced after WWII, food was grown naturally and in tune with nature. Farmers nurtured their soils by applying organic matter, tilling residual plant material back into the earth, rotating crops, controlling erosion, allowing their land to lie fallow and raising animals in open fields. Land was respected and cultivated with a long-range view toward the future and that future is now.  We ask you to join forces with us by supporting local farms that honor traditional methods and values.  Together we can be part of a solution that is deeply rooted in the past.   

In the world of large-scale, commercial agriculture there are only 2 formal categories for growing...there is Certified Organic and everything else falls under the umbrella of Conventional. Mountain Freshies does NOT source what is typically referred to as Conventional produce from farms that use glyphosate and/or other synthetic chemicals on crops. 

Our small, local farms identify with a variety of growing practices including:  Certified Organic, Non-Certified Organic, Beyond Organic, Naturally Grown, Certified Naturally Grown, Regenerative, SustainableFarm practices vary and non-certified agricultural standards can be subjective, so we encourage our customers to reach out and chat with the farmers directly if you have any questions.  Simply click on the drop-down menu to the right to learn more about their growing practices, to connect with the farmers and maybe even arrange a visit!