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The Wonder Egg (Organic)
Contact: Leonard Hostetler
Address: 2655 Black Canyon Road Crawford, CO, 81415
Phone: 970-250-8943
About Us
The Wonder Egg Farm is located in Crawford, Colorado. The chickens are pasture raised with 11 acres of land to roam freely and forage for insects. Unlike larger egg distributors, The Wonder Eggs are not stored for weeks before they are sold. Most of the time you will receive them within 36 hours of when they are laid.
The Wonder Eggs are all natural, non-gmo, certified organic, pesticide-free and antibiotic-free. The chickens are fed organic barley sprouts, homemade apple cider vinegar and sea minerals, which makes for super nutritious eggs, chock full of protein. Their chickens have strong immune systems because they are supported with the organic vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. The proof is in the richly colored, orange egg yolk and their delicious flavor. All eggs are candled and washed.